Study or Work Abroad in : Japan and Australia

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KTM consulting focuses on the safe and cost effective study program study program in Australia. We have been working since long period for the benefits of the students already in Australia. Our huge networks of students, Nepalese, professionals, and scholar in Australia are the source and inspiration who provide us with different information required for living a social life as a student in Australia. We have been providing information such as room information, job information, information and many more which makes student’s life easier and comfortable in Australia.
  • Major and affordable universities in Australia
  • Job guidance and help with finding accommodation
  • Documentation support and guidance
  • Effective information and counseling to facilities your stay in Australia
Studying in Australia is the main choice of Nepalese students and many of them have made it their first choice in the past. However, it is a costly destination and affording an Australian education has always been a challenge for the average Nepalese. Our regular interactions with the students in Australia have given us an opportunity to understand the problems that students have to face. We interact with 100 of students studying in Australia on a daily basis which has helped us to understand their every problem and come up with solutions. This experience has enabled us to guide students in such issues and problems and pursue them from the very beginning. Our special counseling will help students to understand the issues and problem they may face in Australia in the future and help them take a right decision right from the initial stage of the process. This information will help students to save money, energy and select the right courses, location, and universities in Australia to make their experience in Australia more easy and affordable.